• Floating school
  • Floating school, approach from jetty
  • Floating school, classroom view
  • Floating school
  • School at the beach, classroom view
  • School at the beach, exterior
  • School at the CTE green buffer, classroom view
  • School at the CTE green buffer, section view
  • School at the farm
  • School for an NParks lawn, exterior
  • School for an Nparks lawn, interior
  • School in the Green Corridor
  • School in the Green Corridor, bicycle drop-off
  • School in the Green Corridor
  • School spanning an existing drainage canal
  • School within a campus

A Different Class

This was a study commissioned by the Lien Foundation, with whom we had the luck to work on the Cove 2 Preschool. This organisation—and its visionary leader, Lee Poh Wah—sought to shift public assumptions about how, and where, preschools in Singapore might be designed. The brief was to find over-looked sites. These were typical (that is, found throughout the nation) but not considered intuitive as settings for schools: drains, carpark roofs, farms, beaches, waterways, and the like. The unique challenges of each location suggested new building typologies, and also new potentials for learning from unique environments. 10 of these designs were presented in a hardcover book; a digital version is free for download at www.adifferentclass.sg.