• Elevation facing main campus
  • Model view
  • View of west elevation
  • Sample of exterior cladding pattern


This is an invited competition for a new educational facility at a Singaporean university that is expanding its campus to a former golf course. The building will sit on a hill, a gently undulating site. The new structure is intended to house study areas for graduate students, as well as a number of digital facilities and recreational spaces that are shared among the students.

Our hope was to create a small village, a cluster of more intimate structures, that are raised into the air and form a complex carpet of in-looking objects. The building is parted in several places for a stand of trees to penetrate the interior. The base was imagined almost as a fortress, a cluster of solid blocks that contrast maximally with the upstairs. The carpet of small buildings were imagined, somewhat romantically, as tree-houses–small, personal spaces set into the tree canopy.

The building was broken into four independent pieces, to allow flows of pedestrian traffic to proceed through the building unimpeded. These also contain independent blocks of program that can be opened at different times of day and of year.

The open ground floor is organized around a series of large courtyards, in which we have preserved large tropical trees to create shade and focus.